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I have finally finished the absurdly long attunement process, but I have finally stepped into my first raiding instance, Genetic Archives .. and it's awesome.

Unfortunately, the majority of No Remorse has abandoned me in my quest for glory ( .. actually, all of No Remorse has abandoned me, save for Darkadder who is off PvPing somewhere and trolling zone chat) .. However! I have found a decent group of like-minded individuals who are willing to charge into horrible purple aids covered zones to destroy giant globules of pixel monsters.

Check it out! Come and join me on Bloodsworn!

I also stream now!
Squash a .. And I've unsubbed. The guild I was in fell apart (really bad leadership) and I'm too lazy/busy to find anot...
Squash a Yeah the 2nd boss is a shit show, this boss was ezpz. Unfortunately the server is dying and the guild is transferring of...
tocks a Awesome mechanics! Wish I was there!

Wildstar update

tocks a posted Jun 18, 14  -  mmotockswildstar
Wildstar is turning out to be very fun!  It's by far the most polished mmo at release.  The UI customization is extremely easy, questing is smooth, and the guild bank works at release! 

I'll hopefully be making a video of my first dungeon tonight.  That will be the true test of the game...  stay tuned!
Squash a We are growing! There's about 8-9 of us so far. Where's the rest of you, chumps?
tocks a I have 3 monitors so it's a pita to get fixed.
Dabushi I am still waiting on the video...chop chop Tocks!
This game is great. <-- Click here.


The combat is a whole different style of game play, from double-tap dodging to double jumping to the creators version of telegraphs.  What are telegraphs? Well you know when some games add big red "don't stand here" markers? Yeah, those, except way more dynamic.

My first glimpse at level 20 in a 5 man dungeon trying to heal everyone was absolutely crazy.  It was like PvPing with my teammates because I had to aim my heals at specific players, then all the while of dodging giant dragon breaths, tornados and other crazy shit they would throw at us.  I can't wait until I hit level 50 and get my hands on some raids.  Did I mention there's little to no single target dps?

There's costumes.  There's housing(ie dimensions).  There's comedy.  There's hours of entertainment and random exploration finds.  PvP is pretty freaking fun too for those who like that.

Super fun! I highly recommend trying it out.  "But Squaaaash! hum hawww, I don't have money to try a new MMO that will probably be bad, so I'm lame and I won't try it because I don't want to pay."
Good news, everybody!(I hope you said that in the professors voice.)  Ask some of your old guild mates or friends for a 7 day trial key.  There's only a handful of us playing but I'm hoping more will join us eventually!  If you haven't said hi in awhile, why not come in to vent, people are always there to chat!

See you in game! Bloodsworn - PvP - Exiles

Much love <3 
Your friendly neighborhood Wildstar spokesperson,

And I leave you.. with some mind blowing videos ...

**CAUTION: May cause seizures**

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